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Ordinance against loud motorcycles should be enforced

I disagree with Bill Dennis on whether the noise ordinance should pass the council tonight (I think it should pass), but I agree with one thing he said: “an overly loud motorcycle wakes people up in the middle of the night just like a ‘boom-car’ does.”

When Police Chief Settingsgaard spoke at the Uplands Residential Association meeting, several people brought up the fact that loud motorcycles were much more of a nuisance in our neighborhood than boom cars. In fact, we meet in a basement in the center of a church with thick walls, and during the meeting we could clearly hear a loud motorcycle go by, but at no point did we hear any boom cars.

What the chief told us was that (1) there’s already an ordinance against loud pipes on motorcycles, but that (2) it is not enforced. Why isn’t it enforced? The police have not received any complaints about it. Councilwoman Van Auken, who was also at the meeting, said she’s never received a complaint from a constituent on loud motorcycles either.

The chief likened this issue to the jaywalking situation in town not long ago. Jaywalking laws are not usually enforced either, and no one generally complains about it. When someone did complain and the police enforced jaywalking laws one day, Peorians got all in a tizzy about it. So now you’ll have to forgive him for being a bit gun-shy about enforcing the loud motorcycle ordinance.

However, if you really want to see that ordinance enforced, call the police and complain. Loudly. If the police know that this is an issue that bothers Peorians (not just one, but many), they will respond. Their number is 673-4521.

4 comments to Ordinance against loud motorcycles should be enforced

  • OOOOOOOH, Eyebrows is calling! Memo to unemmployed 26-year-old man down the street from Eyebrows with his parents: THE ENTIRE BLOCK DOES NOT WANT TO HEAR YOU GUN YOUR MOTORCYCLE.

    Or your parents’ Civic, for that matter.

  • er, that’d be LIVING down the street with his parents.

  • Careful, C.J.

    The Hardly-Dangerous crowd will want to piss on your grave…….

  • I’ve read letters to the editor defending loud pipes on motorcycles as a safety device. I don’t buy that, but even if I were to concede that argument, they’re still too loud. You don’t need to hear a motorcycle a half mile away for “safety” purposes. There has to be a limit.