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Bradley’s presidential candidate: Joanne Glasser

Joanne GlasserWe don’t have to speculate any longer. The secret Bradley candidate for president is Joanne K. Glasser. The Journal Star and WEEK are making a big deal out of the fact that Bradley’s presidential candidate is a woman, as if we were living in 1957 when that would be really shocking.

She’s currently the president of Eastern Kentucky University. Here’s a little bit about her from her bio page on EKU’s website:

President Glasser, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from George Washington University; a Juris Doctorate Degree from The University of Maryland School of Law; and a Certificate from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education’s Institute of Higher Education Management.

In 2004, Glasser was a finalist for president of Illinois State University, but pulled out of the search before a decision was made.

From everything I’ve read about her, she appears to be a perfect match for Bradley. She has the education and the fund-raising skills, and students seem to like her. According to an article in the Lexington Herald-Leader, each year she invites all freshman to her house for a backyard cookout. In 2005, that was 1,800 freshman. “She estimated 75 percent attend,” the paper reported. That certainly sets her apart from Broski, who as I understand it couldn’t be visually identified by Bradley students his entire tenure.

Hopefully, if selected, she’ll come up with a creative way to help the university grow without harming surrounding neighborhoods in the process. That would also set her apart from Broski.

16 comments to Bradley’s presidential candidate: Joanne Glasser

  • Ryan Johnson

    Is it any difference than everyone making a big deal out of last year’s Super Bowl coaches? The media likes to create a story if they don’t have one.

  • At least she doesn’t have a hyphenated last name. PCU

  • Mazr

    Great point, Vonster.

    Those damn feminazis.

  • vonster

    Now that you mention it…. 🙂

  • anon e. mouse

    BU hired Betty Crocker?

  • C.J. – I have to agree with you. From what I’ve read about her, she seems to have her act together and will be a good match for Bradley. She has (apparantly) a personality and approach that will fit into this area well I think. Plus good experience with other universities.

    I note (but not as a criticism but as a reflection to prior posts and commenters) that it also appears that she doesn’t have a doctorate. I recall many individuals posting here and on other sites that the president would have to have that for credibility. I think her background and experience show that the degree is less important than the relevant experience (neither of which Ray LaHood had).

  • The Mouse

    Seems to me I recall BU was founded by – a woman! Guess that inconvenient fact doesn’t fit the template of the establishment press that the world was totally controlled by a bunch of chauvinist men until the coming of Hillary and her ilk liberated women, etc., etc.

  • Well, Peo Proud, the last time I checked, a Juris Doctorate was, in fact, a doctorate.

  • BU will have an 11:30 News Conference today. Presumably to make it official that Glasser will be hired.

  • Jazzbass

    Damn, I thought they were going to announce that Lahood was president…I mean, he (Lahood) denied the “opportunity” to take the position in the media like he was their TOP choice…:-)

    Oh boy…my Republican friends are not going to like this post…but hey…Lahood was a teacher..I am a teacher…I kid the Congressman…we are like KIN!


  • Jimi

    Thank the gods you didn’t lead with what she was wearing. Lordy, you even cited that she is well educated and experienced enough for the job. I guess it’s good to know that she has some folksiness and charm too.

  • Could have been worse. You could have called her a “chick” like Billy did.

  • Mahkno

    Is she going to be living in the West Bluff, the Arbors perhaps?

  • cgiselle12

    I attended both the Monday presentation to staff (as I work at BU) and the press conference for President Glasser, and I can honestly say that most folks around here are really excited about her.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about how the leader of an organization can affect the entire culture of a place. Ms. Glasser seems very energetic, articulate, intelligent and accomplished. Personally, she pretty much spoke to every concern I have as an employee and espoused many of the philosophies I hold dear in a leader (collaboration and consensus, family first, education as a primary goal, listening, etc). So I’m way excited about her – especially in her potential to change what I’ve been calling the “culture of apathy” in certain parts of BU.

  • Chase Ingersoll

    Especially that culture of apathy regarding acquaintance rape at BU. I always thought of myself as at least part good ol’ boy, but I was stunned by the reaction of the administration…..Galasky and others….don’t get me started on those nasty stories. Let’s just say I would probably not wanted my daughter to go there as long as that regime was still in charge.

  • Ryan Johnson

    Chase Ingersoll….now there’s a name you haven’t heard in a while.