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Peoria Pundit evicted from hosting service

I got the following e-mail from Billy Dennis. He’s moving his entire BlogPeoria Project to new hosting company. He’s in hopes that this will finally resolve the problems he’s been having with his sites going down so much.

It seems like my hosting company finally got sick of my constant emails. They suspended the Blog Peoria account and suggested I would be happier elsewhere. Since I was planning on doing that anyway, no problem. I was just waiting to get a few days off in a row. So, we’re moving to a new site with a bit more oomph to it. It all else fails, I’ll upgrade to one of their private virtual servers, which has a lot of ooomph, but I’ll need to learn how to run a server.

I am downloading a full back up and will re-install WPMu at the new site.

This may take a day or two to complete because there are always glitches. And the change in name servers will take time to resolve, too.

Bear with me. The result will be a much better-running site.

Good luck, Billy. We’re all looking forward to you being back on-line in your new, more reliable server space.

8 comments to Peoria Pundit evicted from hosting service

  • Evicted?

    That’s the word you used?


    I prefer to think of it as having come to a mutual understanding.

    And it’s not just Peoria Pundit, it’s all Blog Peoria Network blogs that are affected.

  • CJ, nice to see your gentler, more compassionate side. šŸ˜‰

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  • I meant no offense. Sorry.

    “They suspended the Blog Peoria account and suggested I would be happier elsewhere.”

    Sounds like an eviction to me. I’m not siding with the hosting company in any way. They have certainly proven themselves to be unreliable, but then blame Billy for the problems. Sounds kind of like Comcast, actually. I’m glad Billy will be moving to a better hosting service.

  • EP Blondie

    Why does Billy have so many problems with his hosts? This site never goes down – the Antipundit survives even as he keeps quitting (and thankfully coming back!) Is there something more to this story???

  • The secret, EP Barbie, is that the site migration is moving along. When I decided to blog exclusively through The Blog Peoria Network, I put too much strain on the resources of what turns out to be a relatively underpowered server.

    And one of the reasons I have “issues” is that I keep trying news things — new themes, new plugins, new software — because by trying them, I can learn new things and perhaps improve the blog.

    I have a looooong list of new things I’m going to try once I’m on a stable server.

    Thanks for your concern and thanks for the input. If you have any concerns, call me or send me an email.

  • And I was kidding at being offended by the word “evicted.” That’s what they did.