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Bradley student senate wants new mascot committee

The Bradley Scout reports:

Student Senate passed a resolution this week calling for University President Joanne Glasser to form a mascot committee. If formed, that committee would be responsible for slating ideas for a new mascot….

[Student Body President Kyle] Malinowski said there are several reasons senate wants to make the change now. Philosophically, it fits with the Campaign for a Bradley Renaissance because of the mindset of being in a renaissance as well as campus’ physical changes.

“The less philosophical reason is we have the best people in the position right now to do it,” he said. “We have a new university president who is all about shaking things up, a new athletic director, a new director of marketing whose job was charged by President Glasser to brand the university and we’ll eventually have a new provost.”

In 1993, Bradley decided to keep the Braves name, but use a bobcat as its mascot. In 2000, officials said the students had a “lack of affinity” for the bobcat and got rid of it. Then a survey for a new mascot was circulated in 2006-7 resulting in several options (including oddities like a fighting squirrel and a clock tower) but the university didn’t choose any of them.

5 comments to Bradley student senate wants new mascot committee

  • The Bradley Braves Councilmen! The Bradley Women’s Braves Councilwomen! All you need is a guy in suit (woman in a woman’s suit), with a martini glass in hand. The Indians had councils of Braves and Bradley has council persons staggering door to door. It’s a win win.

  • What if they stay with the Indian theme, but make it more politically correct and reflect Caterpillar’s influence on campus?

    An Indian Elephant? Or a Brahma Bull?

  • I was thinking, how about the Bradley Jaywalker? The mascot could unexpectedly cross the middle of the court during play and act like it’s the players’ job to avoid him.

  • mahkno

    The Big Thirsty Red Cups

  • O. Gillespie

    Bradley Blaze. It sounds a bit like Braves, works well with the school colors, is gender neutral, and a flame-like character for it can be created. We can even call the character, Sparky.