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“Emerge Peoria” keeping tabs on District 150

If you don’t read Emerge Peoria, you don’t know the latest news on the Charter School Initiative (they’ve chosen a principal, but are keeping it hush-hush), and you probably haven’t gotten a peek inside a classroom at Trewyn (warning: it’s disturbing). You should check them out.

73 comments to “Emerge Peoria” keeping tabs on District 150

  • Frustrated

    Sharon – I understand that such classes must be very difficult to control. But are you telling me this teacher could not confiscate the video camera/phone (whatever) and send this child to the office?

    At a Friday night MS dance at my daughter’s school a student used another student’s I-phone to access her Facebook and post disparaging messages on her page. By mid-morning Monday, the student had been expelled for several days and the student’s parents were called in to the principal’s office. The principal spoke to the entire MS on Tuesday at an assembly about harassment of students, etc. There are ways to address these matters and set a positive school environment.

    Perhaps Trewyn leadership is dropping the ball and/or the teachers. I imagine it is a little of both.

  • Sharon Crews

    I guess you didn’t watch last Monday night’s BOE meeting when a tutor from Manual (sent by the administrators to refute what others of us say about Manual) slipped into a discussion of discipline problems. She asked the board to do something to keep students from using cell phones while at school. The board has a policy that clearly states no cell phones, etc., should be on or visible. Many stories from Manual and Trewyn reveal that the policy is not followed–teachers turn kids in and nothing happens to them. That was already happening in 2005 before I retired–administrators did nothing when we reported cell phone use. They don’t even get to referrals until days after the offense. I am beginning to think that you don’t believe anything we tell you about the problems at these schools. We only tell about an eighth of what we know to protect the people who tell us. I still want to know why you concocted and actually wrote the accusation you made about your suspicions about why the video was revealed.

  • Enforcing rules… that is what it all comes down to?
    Don’t look at why they the rules are necessary, that is, because kids are forced to be in a system that is meaningless to them. Just make more rules.
    Now they are talking about uniforms at Central “because of the gangs”… yeah, like the gangs don’t know who they are… or, they couldn’t find some other way of identifying themselves…

  • Timeforethics

    Interesting article by Dewayne Bartels in the Times Observer. It addresses problems at Glen Oak and quotes V.P. of union regarding poor leadership in some buildings. Looks like Dewayne wants teachers to come forward to identify strong and weak leaders in the district. Check it out.

  • There we go again… blame the principals, blame the teachers, blame blam bla bla bla

    Of course everyone and everything is dysfunctional in this school system, The system is dysfunctional!

    “If we just had a better administrator, if we only had a better principal. If only the parents got involved. If only the children behaved. If only the teachers were competent and didn’t feel in danger.”

  • conrad stinnett

    I believe Bartels has hit the nail on the head here. The Principal is the leader of the school and sets the tone for how the school is run. He or she is the one who communicates expectations to students, teachers and, yes, parents and makes sure those expectations are met. I would suggest that the Principal is the most important leadership role in the district, as they have a direct impact on the success of the school they serve.

  • The Mouse

    If you think teachers are going to come forward and identify “weak leaders” you’re nuts. Any teacher who needs a job is going to pass on that invitation. Charlie is right, the whole system is dysfunctional – because it’s not designed to educate. It’s designed for everything but eduction. It designed to provide a power base for some, jobs for others, political correctness, day care services, all kinds of things. There are many good individuals, teachers, principals, and others, who are genuinely interested in education and working very hard, but, for the system as a whole, eductions as goal isn’t even in the room.

  • Did you see this?

    Spending another 7 to “slightly more than $10 million” to renovate Peoria Central High School… AND another $50,000 (“its nothing”) to hire someone to go over the plans that are already approved.

    What happened to close Woodruff and save money?

  • Sharon Crews

    Remember Godfather’s at 6 p.m. Sunday. There is absolutely no way that the money will be saved from closing Woodruff. The article states that the board is now concerned that there isn’t enough time to get Peoria High ready by August. Why would they be surprised–why would anyone believe that major renovations begun in June would be done by August? The rest of us predicted that there wasn’t enough time–the board evidently had to hear it from someone else.

  • jim stowell

    Sharon – I would encourage you to call Jeanne Williamson and ask her what her expectations are for actual cost savings. When completed, a request has already been made to quantify the savings for all to see. No wool was pulled over my eyes, I knew the refurbishment needs @ PHS were far greater than WHS. It will be a very tight time line. Upon further discussion, the action item has been pulled.

  • I was under the impression that Ms. Williamson was hired to draw new boundaries… nothing else. How long is this parasite gonna feed off the taxpayers?

  • Sharon Crews

    Jim, as I’ve told Laura many times, I am not the one who needs to be told anything. The public needs to be told–I just ask questions that I know haven’t been answered. And, to your credit, I know that you were aware that the cost would be greater o refurbish PHS and that you didn’t vote to close WHS. However, you were OK with closing a high school, weren’t you? Also, I certainly don’t need to waste taxpayer money by using it to have a conversation with Jeannie Williamson. I know that the education fund isn’t paying for the renovations–but the $6 to $10 million is coming out of taxpayers’ pockets; therefore, you will have a hard time convincing all of us that money will be saved by closing Woodruff. Just money from a particular fund will be saved, but a whole lot of money from another source of taxpaper monies will be spent, not saved. I’m not clear–what has been pulled from the agenda–the $48,000??

  • strong1

    This is what happens when you close schools without a plan in place.

  • taxpayer

    strong 1: D150 does have a plan. That is to bilk the taxpayers out of as much money as they can, filling their own tills, then saying that it’s all for the CHILDREN. When they add the new “wing” to PHS they can name it the Hinton/Davis Wing……lol NOT!

  • Mary

    The district NEEDS a character campaign, a courtesy campaign and diction classes in all grades. My high school had all three and it works. I can still hear the nun say “ENUNCIATE.” We all got in the habit of saying please and thank you to the point we drove people nuts, but it was better than what we are hearing now. I can’t even understand what children in Peoria are saying most of the time.

  • taxpayer: you have it nailed, but neither this BOE nor the loser Hinton administration had a clue where they were or where they are headed. Their “plan” read like a restaurant menu – Plan de jour. The destruction of District 150 under King Hinton will last for years and his legacy will burn like tissue paper in a hot trash barrel! The only satisfaction that I personally have is in the child-like saying that I and others told you what a phony twit King Hinton was. Hopefully the long drawn out Mary Davis investigation will reveal the serious depth of financial and administrative incompetence of the Hinton years via the court system.

  • Jane

    “My job isn’t to speak to my constituents” Wolfmeyer speaks…..

  • Commenting

    Ha! This line by Gorenz cracks me up..”The podium is not the only way people can make comments to the board,” Gorenz said then. Gorenz continues…”We can ignore their e-mails and phone calls as well…”

  • Sharon Crews

    Frustrated: I don’t think I answered your question–not directly anyway. Do you really believe that a student would willingly give up a cell phone to a teacher–at least, without more drama than you can possibly imagine? I know–I tried that a couple of times–and then found out that the administration didn’t approve of taking the cell phone away. I asked students to throw food or drink away–because rules state no food or drink in the classroom. Students would scream that they would throw it away if I gave them money to replace it.

  • The Mouse

    “Taxpayer” hit it on the head; Mary, you want a character campaign in this cesspool? OK, let’s start right at the top – with the School Board. Let’s remind them they work for the taxpayers and parents.

  • Mary

    The Mouse:
    Sounds ok to me.

  • john holmes

    RHS is going to hell with this administration. There are ABSOLUTELY no consequences for the students. In-school suspension is a joke. Kids sleep, text and listen to their music. I went in there to drop off some work, all of them were sleeping. I had to wake this kid up to take a quiz. I asked him later how he liked in-school. He said “I love it, you can sleep, text and listen to music” The Freshmen and junior-senior are worthless, referrals don’t get dealt with. If there are no consequences, the kids are going to keep doing what they want. Kids are skipping classes, having all lunch hours. Freshmen are even smoking weed in the bathroom this year. Ive been there for 25 years. This year is the worst. I want Ptecek back, at least he dealt with discipline. What a joke!!!! We were told to turn a blind eye on dress code, cellphones and kids can even run to class. I call RHS “Manuel North”

  • john holmes

    I meant to say Freshmen and junior-senior deans are worthless.