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Township property taxes are going up

On the agenda for Tuesday’s City Council meeting is this item under Town business:

RECOMMENDATION: Approve the Proposed Estimated Tax Levy of $2,179,219 with an estimated tax rate of .13663 for the Town of the City of Peoria and enter this action into the permanent record.

The item goes on to say that “the proposed estimated levy of $2,179,219, represents a 2.5% increase in the aggregate levy over last year’s tax extension.” Translation: taxes are going up. The tax rate itself may not be going up due to increases in home values (EAV), but don’t let that fool you. When a government body levies more money than the year before, that’s a tax increase.

5 comments to Township property taxes are going up

  • Well that is the age old government obfuscation… raising tax rates or raising taxes?? Lowering tax increases or lowering taxes?

    If there is a government they are raising taxes. In the same way people raise children, big birds raise baby birds and cats raise kittens, Governments raise taxes…

    Someday, naahh… never mind, what was I thinking?

  • Sterling

    Just to be difficult, according to, inflation went up 1.8% from last year to this year, so it’s not as drastic an increase (net 0.7%, or 70 cents for every $100) as it seems.

    By and large though, isn’t an increase in EAV generally a good thing? Especially within the City of Peoria itself, where we’re always dealing with difficulties retaining homeowners and home values.

  • The Mouse

    If there was ever an entity that needed to be eliminated, Peoria Township would be that entity.

  • Mahkno

    “If there was ever an entity that needed to be eliminated, Peoria Township would be that entity.”

    Agreed! This layer of government, designed for the 19th Century, is no longer needed.

    “isn’t an increase in EAV generally a good thing?”

    What the County determines to be your assessed value, often seems divorced from what you would realistically get on the market. Does anyone really believe home values went up at all during the last 2 years? How about staying flat? Don’t look for the County to actually lower your EAV….lol.

    My most recent EAV was effectively flat from the year before, despite seeing a number of homes take huge ‘decreases’ in their sale prices.

  • justan observer

    My EAV went up even though my appraisal went down. The township needs to be eliminated.