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Giant screen theater decision to be announced in spring

According to the Peoria Riverfront Museum’s February 2011 report, a final decision will be made by spring on whether to contract with IMAX as they promised the voters in no uncertain terms, or renege on their promise and go with another brand:

The PRM Board of Directors continues its due diligence as it works to select the appropriate technology for the museum’s giant screen digital theater. In January 2011, a number of board members and staff attended the Moody Gardens Digital Cinema Symposium in Galveston, Texas, in order to evaluate potential vendors. They viewed side?by?side comparisons of digital and analog films, attended presentations and engaged in conversations with a variety of companies that manufacture equipment, produce content, develop projector and 3?D technology, and integrate systems to ensure that our decision is optimal for the audience and business plan.

We are still evaluating a wide variety of equipment suppliers and system integrators, and we have many outstanding candidates. Our decision will be based on quality, flexibility, upfront and operating expenses and revenue opportunities. We expect to announce our plans for the theater this spring.

The monthly report also states that “Many people have started to pay on their pledges,” but gives no specifics. According to the county’s Finance Committee information from February 24, the museum has only received approximately 30% of its promised pledges to date. The County had originally promised that construction wouldn’t start until all the pledges had been received.

Some board changes were also announced: “Sally Owens has joined the PRM Board of Directors, replacing Jane Converse. Jane and her organization will continue to provide marketing support to the PRM. Cal MacKay will become the board secretary/treasurer, replacing Andy Herrera. Herrera resigned due to time constraints and other business commitments.”

12 comments to Giant screen theater decision to be announced in spring

  • “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”

    How courageous of the PRM to keep pressing onward despite the lack of public or financial support… but then again… it is NOT THEIR MONEY.. yet.

    How does the PRM pay itself during this run up to April 14, 1912?

    Sorry, couldn’t help but mix metaphors…

  • justan observer

    I am ok with not going with the IMAX as long as we go with the latest technology and not a cheaper route. I want the new LCD model and not the old projection big screen for example.

  • New Voice

    This is the REAL New Voice!

    justan observer,

    I am beginning to wonder if anyone on the PRM board knows the difference. I am sure they are all well versed on ‘all things museum.’ I wonder what, if anything, has come from the state concerning Peoria’s slice of ‘museum funding pie…?’

  • deebie47

    I think it is very responsible of the PRM Board of Directors to continue its due diligence and delay their decision. I can patiently wait for them to tell us taxpayers what we want and what we voted for.

  • Mazr

    Sally Owens…..Jane Converse……good to see the commoners being represented.

  • Karrie E. Alms

    NV [the original :)]:

    In addition, the county is now able to slide $3 million in grant funding from the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to the museum group to help build exhibits inside the museum, County Administrator Patrick Urich said.

    Not sure if that means that the DCEO grant for $5M is in tact, part of the original $5M grant, another grant ……

    seems like more of the same disturbing behavior …. if the bid is lower by $5M and the state is still bankrupt, then why are elected officials still feeding at the trough for $3M for interior expenses for the PRM? Needs vs. wants … we were told that the museum would be raising all their ‘missing’ funds asap…

    Sigh … still hasn’t happened … an image of the boy who cried ‘wolf’ comes to mind…

  • New Voice

    Karrie, Karrie, Karrie…………..

    Most of the time you seem so informed on all things ‘Peoria.’ I can’t believe that you are not up on the PRM’s latest attempt to ‘fund’ Peoria’s future pride and joy.

    Instead of soliciting donations from people they [PRM] know will never pay up, every member of the current PRM board will purchase ten Big Lotto lottery tickets [maybe a couple of scratch-offs for good measure]. The ‘great minds’ of Lakeview, etc, figure they stand a much better chance of winning the lottery than collecting the needed funds from any other source.


  • Karrie E. Alms

    NV: Ha ha … so sorry to deflate your theory …. why bother to spend any of their own $ even to purchase lottery tickets? … they will just get the ‘missing’ $ from the taxpayer ad infinitum ….

  • big-n-italian

    speaking of the museum – i just saw this on the PJStar website.

    “CAT’S EXPERIENCE. Caterpillar Inc.’s latest proposal for the $52 million Experience project deviates somewhat from its original August 2010 plan, and city officials want to know why.”

    anyone know what this is all about?

  • Desperado

    There is not a chance in the world that the PRM is going to select IMAX and anyone remotely familiar with the folks in charge of PRM plans understand this. They’re simply delaying their decision until after construction begins on the actual museum building itself, and then of course, they’ll all say, well too bad Peoria County, you know we promised you an IMAX, but now that the building is already underway, it’s too late to change, just suck it up and deal with it. Your city and county officials gave them the ability to go back on their word without having to suffer any consequences, and you can bet they will. However, I do know folks who made pledges years ago, with the understanding that the facility was going to include an IMAX theater, and their position now is that, without an IMAX as promised, their pledges will be withdrawn.

  • justan observer

    Not coming until after election is over….

  • Karrie E. Alms

    Spring 2011 — that would be March 20th through June 20th?

    Desperado: Amen to your prophecy. Same song, just add a new verse every quarter. IMO, every turn is more deception in leadership.

    Hummmmmmmmmmmmm … which shell is that pea under? What no pea!