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The Journal Star editors are brilliant and handsome

I have been endorsed by the Journal Star for Peoria City Council.

29 comments to The Journal Star editors are brilliant and handsome

  • Mazr

    Wow. Did not see that one coming.

  • Eye in the Sky


  • Looking out my window. Yep. Dogs and cats sleeping together. Mass hysteria.

    You realize you are doomed, right?

  • Frederick Smith

    They obviously know talent when they see it. Congratulations.

  • David P. Jordan


    Don’t fall for it. It’s reverse phsychology. 🙂

  • Wow…just wow. Congrats!

  • If you don’t mind being called an unemployed blogger you complains a lot…

    I thought that was a little nasty in the chart that summarized all the candidates…

    So we like C.J. and Beth, Gary and ??? who else? Who do you want to serve with C.J.?

  • Wow. They finally got their heads out of their ass.

  • Just commenting

    So sorry to hear about your Journal Star endorsement. I still think you’ll win, though.

  • No doubt they are simply sending a message to Eric Turner and Ryan Spain. Electing C.J. and Beth (and re-electing Gary) would send a message to those remaining on the council.

  • conrad stinnett

    Well done, CJ. Spain and Turner got a “shelacking” by PJS, which I hope will trickle dowon to the electorate.

  • Paul O'Donnell

    It’s official; I need to ship winter clothing to hell! Congratulations!

  • District 150 observer

    Congrats to CJ. I think he will win and would be good for the council. I hope he takes the PJStar advice and is more moderate than Gary Sandberg—that he doesn’t say no to everything.

  • District 150 observer

    The council gig will be easy for CJ. Heck, he comes from an organization that has a bigger budget than the city–Grace Pres. 🙂

    When a church has an ASSISTANT Director of Communications, then it is a little bigger than “when 2 or more gather in my name”………

  • W. Hernandez

    Even though I’m voting for you, I previously believed you weren’t going to get a seat because you didnt have the money & name recognition of Weaver & Spain. Maybe this will help the name recognition part.

  • Mazr

    Possibly the most ill-informed comment from today’s PJStar article regarding the candidates:

    “What a motley crew…………Small wonder the city is declining when there is hardly a nickels worth of difference between them.”

  • Just commenting

    Hate to break the news to you Mr. Hernandez, but the thumbs up from 2 people at the Journal Star, a hugely credibility challenged newspaper that thinks they are up there with the Chicago Tribune (pfffft!) won’t mean a hill of beans in terms of votes. CJ can win on his own merit.

  • Iris

    CJ, congratulations to you and Beth Akeson on the PJS endorsements. You have both worked long and hard (with not a lot of encouragement from the “establishment”) and are very deserving.

    Best of luck to both of you in the election.

  • Ramble On

    Good thing I don’t have to vote for 5 people. You got at least 2 1/2 votes here!

  • Eye in the Sky

    I can’t beleive it!!!!!!!!!!! It’s kind of scary they actually are doing something right. GO CJ next stop PRESIDENT.

  • I'm here to tell ya...

    That’s enough of the “attaboys” and your time will be better spent contacting CJ’s campaign and asking to walk a neighborhood for him!

  • Dennis in Peoria

    Almost spilt my coffee on a purchased print copy of the PJS late this morning in a hospital family lounge..when I saw CJ’s name in the endorsement.

    Congrats CJ, go for the all the votes!

  • mortified

    Congrats, CJ!! Go CJ!! Go Grayeb!

  • justan observer

    I counted over 15 comments and votes for CJ. Call CJ up and help him go door to door from here to election. Congrats on your endrosement.

  • CJ for City Council

    15 people plus a friend is 30 people… if they all knock on 100 doors that’s 3,000 households in a weekend. Easy- peasy. Show the world you aren’t just a bunch of the lazy-assed bloggers they think you are!

  • New Voice

    What did I tell you about hired thugs?

  • C.J., enlist all your blogger friends to go door to door with a WALK LISt available at the City Election Commission, no point talking to people who don’t vote and ususaly more than 50% who are REGISTERED don’t vote.The walk list should tell you whether they vote or not.

    Make photos of your walk lists and divide them to friends who if not wanting to go door to door can make phone calls.

    You need more signs on busy streets and busy street corners.

    Congratulations. Note I had endorsed you and Beth with a probably for Weaver on my blog site last week.

  • W. Hernandez

    Mr. Widmer, add to that the many who are registered and vote on the even years, but don’t bother with local elections. The logic of those folks escapes me since one vote matters more in a local election than in a state or federal one. I imagine it has to do with the election being in April and people are used to voting when it’s a little colder out (also, Fox News & MSNBC don’t care about brainwashing anyone into voting for a particular candidate in lil ole Peoria.) I, myself, have forgotten about local elections in the past because of spring. A walk though the hoods will remind people when election day is, as will Grayeb’s TV spots. The boldness of that guy is admirable even for someone who may not like him. I may throw one vote his way, but not all five.

  • District 150 observer

    Well, the PJStar has announced that on 4/4/11 they are going to a full premium website. This is America and they have the right to do so as consumers have the right to ignore them.

    The only thing I find a little odd is the 7 day paper subscribers have to pay extra to access the site. I may just cancel my 7 day paper subscription and move on.