March 2011
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Our accessible city

Recently seen in downtown Peoria (photos courtesy of Gary Sandberg):

All well and good. Let’s just head over to the other side of the street:

Oh look, there’s a fence, and no place to walk! So, what’s a pedestrian to do?

Walk down the middle of street, of course.

5 comments to Our accessible city

  • Who put the sign out? Was it a joke? They couldn’t have possibly been in their own little work zone so much so they didn’t notice lack of accessibility on the other side…???

    Definitely no compromise when it comes to the safety of this town’s pedestrians. It reminds me of the massive snow drifts, bus stop locations and lack of sidewalks in winter. I guess we should be thankful it’s Spring?

  • Martin Palmer

    No signs posted here in the East Bluff and with the new and OK sidewalks people still walk down the middle of the street. This is a “normal” thing in our hood.

  • Popijw

    Director of public works put up the sign ! ha ha 1!

  • justan observer

    In fairness, it appears there was construction going on down the road near the sidewalk and it also appears this is ST Patty’s day and wasn’t Water St closed to vehicles?

  • Fredrick Michael Schlenky

    At least people can walk down the street go around the corner and look at Walnut St!! The City and their Developer have had that torn up for almost 3 yrs since they first took up pavement. Where was Sandburg and his camera then, oh thats right it wasnt the day before St Paddy’s and did not have a possible negative effect on his buddy’s big party.. Come on Gary fairness you are an elected official .