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Q: What do Peoria and Rockford have in common?

A: They’re both largely in the 17th Congressional District, according to the latest gerrymander:

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Generally speaking, Peoria south of War Memorial Drive will be in the 17th, and North Peoria will be in the 18th. The 17th covers tremendous territory, extending to Illinois’ borders with Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Rockford is carved up similar to Peoria. Talk about your legislators choosing their voters….

Here’s some good coverage from Capitol Fax, the Bloomington Pantagraph, Peoria Pundit, and the Chicago Tribune.

30 comments to Q: What do Peoria and Rockford have in common?

  • cttsp5

    I know this has nothing to do with the topic, but I was in Burlington, IA last weekend, gas was $3.70 per gallon. I was by LaSalle this week and gas was $3.65 at Sapp Bros on I80. Why is it so high in Peoria? I didn’t know if anyone knows. They were shocked when I told them it was still high here in Peoria. So Peoria area must really be making a profit.

  • Karrie E. Alms

    Perhaps the extra taxes that Peoria adds to the price via homerule authority? CJ please help us out … gas was $3.65 last week in Florida ….

  • cttsp5 & Karrie: There are a number of taxes and fees that differ from community to community. It’s hard to compare LaSalle to Burlington to Florida to Peoria without knowing the tax structures of each city/state. What I can tell you is the breakdown in Peoria, which is helpfully posted on the City’s website:

    MOTOR FUEL TAX (Gasoline & LP Gas) = 40.5 cents per gallon & 8.25% per dollar


    State of Illinois 6.25%
    City of Peoria, IL 1.50%
    County of Peoria, IL .50%
    City of Peoria, IL MF 2.0 cents per gallon
    (remitted directly to City)
    State of Illinois MF 19.0 cents per gallon
    Federal 18.4 cents per gallon
    UST .003 cents per gallon
    EIF .008 cents per gallon

    “MF” stands for “motor fuel” tax, which is a flat fee per gallon, not a percentage of the sales price. When people purchase fewer gallons of gasoline (due to high gas prices or because they buy higher-efficiency vehicles), the City gets less revenue from the motor fuel tax. In fact, that was just cited by Finance Director Jim Scroggins at the last City Council meeting as a revenue source that is down and contributing to the City’s budget deficit. Since it’s a flat fee per gallon, it doesn’t explain the large difference in price from other communities.

    “UST” stands for “underground storage tank” tax. And EIF is “environmental impact fee.” These are state fees; you can read more about them here.

    As you can see, there are a lot of variables. Given this info, I don’t see how our taxes/fees in Peoria could account for more than a few cents difference in price per gallon.

  • Paul Wilkinson

    I am not sure if people are purchasing less gas or just less gas in Peoria. I don’t fill up in town any more and haven’t for quite a while unless absolutely necessary. Bartonville, Creve Coeur, Pekin are generally at least 5 cents a gallon less and I have seen times as much as 25 cents a gallon less expensive. Perhaps that is being disloyal to the tax base, but taxes and fees go up faster than may salary ever would and it’s basic economics.

    But back to topic, the impact of the change in the congressional map is going to significantly impact the city of Peoria. more to come on this, Bobby Schilling is great guy, hard worker, etc, but chopping up Peoria will greatly reduce the polictial clout that Peoria has had for many years. That is important down the road. I just don’t think people realize it.

  • so… Aaron’s office isn’t the 18th any more… Caterpillar isn’t in the 18th any more…

    and gas taxes are around 75 cents per gallon….

  • Well, if this goes through, it seems the Dems will get a shot at making things better. Don’t think they could do much worse. Of course, I could be wrong.

  • Paul Wilkinson

    Making things better? Where have you been? how do you figure? They controlled two years of federal and several years of state government. Things keep getting substantially worse. The health care bill that Pelosi rammed through, not only fails to address the problems with the health care system, but also fails to create any logistical means to pay for it. People hear the word free and go hog wild. “free health care”, “free housing”, free food”, free this and that are not free. someone pays for them. Illinois has the worse tax structure in the U.S. By continually attacking those people who work hard enough or smart enough to make extra funds, you discourage them from doing so, you cause them to leave state, etc. Look at what is left. You live in the East Bluff. The majority of those with funds, investment, work ethic have been driven out and keep getting pushed out being replaced by those with their hands out for “free housing”, “free medical”, free this and that. The work ethic has substantially declined. Look at the litter in the streets, the poor upkeep of the houses. Govt continually funds projects that it should not be involved in by taking YOUR infastructure dollars, your public safety dollars, etc.
    Did you take a look at the budget passed by the state democratic senate? increases in spending, substantial borrowing, making the income tax increase permanent. This is not fiscal responsiblity and it continues leading the state toward insolvancy, much like the city.

  • Abolish gerrymandering and all other political nonsense that harms the people for partisan gains.

  • Damn, Paul. Tell us how you really feel. That is about the closest thing to a “Rant” I have ever read.

    As to the East Bluff in particular, I’d say the specific problem lies in a bunch of greedy, land grabbing, corrupt Republicans that seem to dominate the city council of Peoria. And you are absolutely correct, sir. Nothing is Free in this nation or this state or this city. The money has to come from somewhere. And the money is there, but being misappropriated for projects that benefit the well-off. You are one of those people who wants to point to the work ethic in an economy where there are simply not enough jobs. You would point out that the world needs ditch diggers and laborers as well, and therefore not fault the state of Illinois for diverting the money from the Schools portion of the state budget to the General Fund when the money came in from Gambling, therefore destroying the inner city District 150, condemning it to a downward spiral which is all too evident. You are probably a defender of the “White Flight” that dominates the north end of this city. The problems you have pointed out are not Democrat problems, or Republican problems, but GREED and RACISM problems.

    Yes, the East Bluff is in trouble, and it is slowly and steadily being gentrified. With more than 64% of the housing here as rentals, with the average income here at or below the poverty line, the area is a breeding ground for despair and hopelessness. It has little to do with the work ethic and more to do with the lack of opportunity that is offered to the people who live here, the people who are either older people who have just had their property values devastated in real dollars while being assessed with a greater share of taxes, or renters who have no real stake in the property and are dealing with landlords who allow their property to exist at the bare minimum standards to pass code.

  • Karrie E. Alms


    “And the money is there, but being misappropriated for projects that benefit the well-off.”

    Yep … the funny money is there … they just print more of it at the top of the FED foodchain and send the worthless stuff down the pipeline to continue devaluation of the greenback.

    Agreed … that even the worthless ‘new’ money is still being spent on the wrong items because of incorrect priorities ….

    and so the insanity continues ….. 🙁

  • Paul Wilkinson

    Frederick, the money is there? Are you aware that within just a few years that entitlement programs will take every dime of tax money that Feds take in. That leaves no money for defense, etc. without borrowing. Are you aware that the estimated amount of abuse for Social Security Disability is about 50%. Go to an office. You will see mothers with children getting them on SSD because it pays better than public aid. If you work in social services then you get to listen to clients bragging about how they beat the system and how that knowlege spreads to everyone else.

    We pay taxes to school districts that children don’t bother to attend or go and disrupt everyone. That is simply stealing opportunities from others. Then these same children grow up and expect more tax money to support their way of life. generation after generation. That’s ridiculous. FDR could not possibly have meant these practices to the the “safety net”. The able bodied men in my neighborhood and yours sitting on the porches tossing their beer cans and bottles for the rest of us to pick up, kicking with their buddies. When you make the choice to not take advantage of what is available to ever person in the country then complain you can’t find a job is simply BS.

    What was even more sad: I was marching in last years Fourth of July parade in another community. One person yells that he wanted his unemployment extended. This got my attention. The person had been unemployed for about a year and a half. No attempt had been made to seek any other job training or education, in 18 months. The guy just wanted his check. By simply handing out funds complaincy can quickly set in and the expectation is that I am “entitled” to…..

    To my knowledge, not one child has been turned away from a public school to get an education. You can argue that the quality of the education is not in District 150. I would say more lies in the quality of the students and the parents.

    Columbia has a 97% poverty rate. Every school day, kids congregrate outside my house after school. There is a trash can on the property, yet these children through their trash on the ground, fight in numbers large enough that the cops won’t even get out of the their cars to intercede. Since the poverty rates are so high, it is a fair assumption that a significant amount of public money is going into the care of these children. What is the return? How are we as Tax payers bettering the community by just handing “free this or that”.

    There are plenty of greedy Demoncrats and quite frankly some of the republicans on the counsel vote like Dems. Strong Republicans would let business run business and not see the need to subsidize everything.

    Regarding RACISM….are you saying that the color of someone’s skin is preventing children from attending school, from sitting in class and learning, from taking that learning and applying to college or a career choice. I believe the opportunities are there, but you have to work to achieve goals, they cannot just be handed to you.

    Regarding white flight. I don’t believe that people have left because residents of color moved in. I believe that people have left or fled because people who act like fools move in. One bad house detroys a block or two very quickly. No one wants to put up crime, trash, or a simply a lack of care of the propety. When you have a party house, a drug house, etc. People move away. That’s a behavioral issue that needs to be addressed across a number of socio-economic-racial-cultural groups. At some point people need to be responsible for their behavior and choices.

  • Nice Paul. All right out of your boyfriend’s playbook, Schocks. What a rant and ALL the money that the FED takes in will go to entitlements? Really? You think not for a minute Defense won’t speak up? That’s the problem. The good Right wants to cut entitlements, like heating for the poor, food stamps, and any program that helps any person down on their luck. That’s chump change. The real money is spent on DEFENSE, MEDICARE, and Social Security. It’s Defense that has to be cut, Social Security re-worked and not privatized out and with the health care bill that Obama got through maybe we can reform Medicare so all people have health care. Right now Heath Care Insurance companies make billions in profits and making money off of sickness should be a crime. Same with pharmaceutical companies. Invent an illness, invent a pill, then 3 years later, employ a lawyer because a loved one died or had complications from the damn pill.
    I like your ideas on neighborhoods and admire your work to make your neighborhood better and wish I could come close to your dedication. But your politics are off course. The only thing I could agree on is that the FED is printing too much money, devaluing our money which is one reason oil prices are what they are at the pump. But the problem to that goes back to your boy Bush and his Republican comrades who trashed our economy. If you blame Obama for this, then you have to blame Bush for 9/11.

  • Shouldn’t Fed money be spent where people are entitled to it rather than to where it is up to the politician or bureaucrats’ discretion???

  • Martin Palmer

    “At some point people need to be responsible for their behavior and choices”.Paul, what a hoot! We as americans blame everyone else, heck look back at the jaywalking tickets issued in the past, torn up, message sent -walk in the street-. no, it is easy to blame someone else than take the lumps. We as citzens of peoria just had an election and most everyone sat out and did not vote, so we got mostly the same people elected most bich about. Frederick the EB is gone. Death caused by lack of long term plans and decay of basic services (inc schools such as St. Bernards, AOL/Spaulding and #150) Midtown was our rescue by some now the new TIF is What next?
    Emtronics, I for one do not want the goverment running heathcare Hell I have local goverment heath and the state of illinois is f*c*ing that up royaly what would it be with Feds? Sure would not be run any better,can’t talk to anyone at the state now that has answewrs so upping the food chain with feds will not improve our healthcare one bit.One thing goverment does well is spend our tax money fast reguardless if they are a dem or republican.Simulus funds were a joke.

  • Paul Wilkinson

    do you math. pull up the amounts spent on entitlements. You have griped about people in your own neighborhood who can’t be bothered to do this or do that. Check into what Obama care does, it dumps pretty much everyone into the medicare system, something we cannot afford. Are you aware of several studies done by larger companies on the cost savings to them by cutting off their employees from their current health benefits? Talk about increasing profits. Guess who will pay for those people as well, the taxpayers. Again, people hear the word “free” and ignore the consequences of payment. I didn’t say that defense wouldn’t exist anymore, but that the dollar amounts. No one has said cutting dollar amounts to those who need help, but can you honestly say that system was designed to pay for generation after generation of someone’s family because no one bothers to work? You have no idea how much abuse goes into this current system and how much is actually costs us year after year at all levels of government, because that that very word “entitlement”. It seems everyone is entitled to free excpet those working who are NOT entitled to their own paychecks to support their households. It all sounds great liberal because everyone’s rights start in someone else’s wallets. I have no problems paying taxes, donating time to those who need help. It is just ridiculous that people who could and should be working to support their own households not only don’t, but add insult to injury by not even raising their children who we all paid the costs. That cost is is growing exponentially and it is not sustainable.
    Oil prices are what they are at the pump because of supply and demand and yes world politics. Americans are short sighted into believing that they are the only ones usings oil in the world. China is quickly industrializing, something we did a hundred years ago, but China is significantly larger and thus pulling a large number of resources.

    PHaramatical companies making profits. How many people want to take a pill to stop smoking, drinking, lose weight. People expect miracles with health care, rather than do much of the work themselves, (eg: put down the beer, the chocolate, the smokes). I am just a guilty as the next guy at times with these myself. It is easier. Health care is not an exact science. While much of the population’s chemistry is similiar there are many individual reactions to various medications, various medical proceedures. When someonoe dies, unfortunately in the grief process we look for blame. I don’t think there is a much blame as the lawsuits would have you believe. Look at what happened before medical advances and the deaths for simple illnesses we take for granted. Are their bad doctors, you bet, are they all that way. Most certainly not. It cost billions to put new drugs on the market. Years of testing to make sure that drugs are relatively safe. People compain about the cost of the medications, but someone else to take the risk with someone else’s money so that they can benefit, then begrudge them to make a profit. So am Iguessing Em, that you worked at the post office because of some stamp fetish vs. the need to pay your bills and provide for your family? Perhaps any savings and benefits you have should be taken and given to someone who is “entitled to them”. That makes no sense, and you would gripe louder than anyone. I don’t blame Obama for the complete state of the economy, I do blame him for submitting a budget with continues to increase the debt by trillions of dollars. I also don’t rely on Aaron for my facts. I am able to do research and have near a quarter century of social service expierence.
    Peoria is very rich in social services, we have counseling, drug treatment, tuturing, many programs for impoverished people, for the disabled, and so one. Quite frankly one of the best networks in the state. There is no reason why people cannot utilize these services to help themselves out of a number of situations in which they have gotten themselves. It is fantastic to see people with severe disabilities go work, be fairly iindependent. The challanges in doing every day tasks are so much more difficult for them and they do it, everyday. It is incredibly discouraging to see people with several children from multiple sperm donors, if the names are even known, who won’t go to school to finish up a diploma, who expect a number of state monies, the fathers, who are able bodied, not caring for the children they created, not working by choice or because they would rather run with their friends, didn’t bother to finish school, etc. you know the drill. That scenerio is becoming more and more common. Money was provided for an education. It was refused. Money is available for job training and to go back and finish the education. It’s refused. You can chose not to have children you cannot afford or are ill equipped to raise. Those choices are ignored. (by the way the child abuse stats are unbelievable, if the public had any idea what people do to their children the outcry would be huge). Yet we speak of entitlement programs to continue funding these poor choices and to make these poor choices a way of life for now 4-5 generations. That is the issue I have with entitlements and that is what substantially needs to reformed. These are clear abuses of the system.

  • Paul Wilkinson

    I don’t think the EB TIF has been well thought through and I don’t think that without a solid plan that residents are going to get out of what they are currently envisioning in their own heads. I received notice that about a dozen properties in my neighborhood, are coming up for one of those auctions that they have from time to time. In looking at the properties, quite frankly the neighborhood would be better served by demolition at this point and building some other type of new housing. While these houses were built pretty solidly in the 40’s and 50’s years of neglectful landlords and tenants have resulted in just plain dumps. I contacted someone I respect who is a developer and certainly has much more experience than I in that area and learned a very hard lesson about my area. It is simply cost prohibitive at this point to try to entice privat funding to purchase these houses, demolish them, and rebuild (even using two of the current lots per home). The cost vs. the ability to recoup the cost and to make some type of profit simply is not there. It very quickly taught me that my area is now beyond the point of no return. Six or Seven years ago this would not have been the case. It is directly due to the following entirely controllable factors: Lack of infastructure reinvestment the city, decrease of police patrols and code enforcement staff and time availability due to sheer numbers of issues, complete lack of regulation of bad landlords, complete lack of personal responsiblity of the people living in these homes and others (eg: refusal to pick up trash in their own yards, mowing, showing respect for the propety they live in by not physically destroying it, vandalism, drug sales and gang involvement) and those with resources leaving for their own safety and/or for concerns of raising their children in an increasingly problematic environment. The same decay facing the East Bluff.
    Direct causes are due to the allocation of public money toward non essential projects and funding people to do nothing. I firmly believe that if more of these people walking the streets in my neighborhood had to work, there would be a lot less nonsense because they would be at work, be tired from work and be required to care for the property in which they live. (hence the tie in with entitlement programs). Federick complained about 64% rental in the EB. Areas of my neighborhood are 97% and it shows. The ability for a private developer to either refurbish homes and/or demolish the ones that simply isn’t worth it and not lose their shirt in the process is long gone. An estimated 93 million dollars in the TIF to cover just the housing stock simply is not enough, let alone the infastructure improvements which need to be done. Additionally OSf needs to recoup its costs and have the infastructure needs for the new dorms etc down in the valley, which will take out more tax paying properties. Again there is no clear cut plan on what will be done, by whom, and when, and the budget for it. I defer to the charettes that were done for the still incomplete and unfunded form base code districts. Designs, engineering, etc. was completed. People were roped into meeting after meeting to decide this and that, but no funding. The push for a concrete plan needs to be done. You will quickly see what will actually be accomplished one there is a plan with a budget and my guess is that the residents are not going to be happy as their vision in their head for their neighborhood area is not what will happen. Also note in the financial presentation by Urich to the city that revenue from property taxes is stagnant. This means that there will be no increase in income from property taxes with out either 1. artifically increasing the EAV or 2. a rate increase, or 3. all of the above (my assessment).

  • Ben

    I thought the discussion on this subject would be about the subject, but obviously not. The gerrymandering that goes on every 10 years is atrocious. It happens in almost all states and when either party is in the majority in those states. I would propose that re-districting, (not an actual word) be handled by the Census Bureau. They know where the people live, so let them draw the lines for the districts.

  • Leslie Smith

    Paul – I just wanted to let you know that someone does agree with you on entitlements and generations of welfare families. I see it in the North Valley as well. PHA scattered site houses where the cars are brand new, flat screen TV’s, and 4 or 5 adults + innumerable children living in one house and what do want to bet that only one of the adults is on the lease and, therefore, the only “income” on which the rent is being based? Really, this issue does have nothing to do with color so much as behavior. There are all kinds of problems in my neighborhood that are perpatrated by people of all color: white, hispanic, and, yes, african american. Parties all night, prowling the street, walking IN the street, trash, overgrown grass (BTW in an owner occupied house!), and just a general disrespect for the area. The only good news is that if I make enough calls to the PPD, it does eventually get the notice of the PHA.

  • Taxed enough

    The Fed doesn’t have any money. They take from us and then borrow more because “spending” on entitlements only goes up. TIME TO CUT AND GUT! People like kcdad shoulda developed a professional skill or trade. Mine ain’t yours. Entitlements should be phased out, along with free housing and healthcare.

  • Paul Wilkinson

    Thanks Leslie, and what is frustrating is that the rampant abuse of the system takes away from those who realy do need help from the community and for whom, I believe, that the safey net was in fact designed. I have seen people go on public assistance due to a specific need, and work themselves back into the mainstream. That I wholeheartedly support. I would also let you know that you can contact PHA directly. They are not by law able to disclose if a resident is a Section 8 recipient, but they will address issues with tenants who receive those public funds. I would also CYA and contact not only a receptive city council person, but also the Congressman’s office, PHA is federally funded.

  • Leslie Smith

    Paul – I will keep that in mind. I’m not sure how much fuss I want to make as I can’t prove who lives there and who doesn’t. I know I counted NINE children leaving the apartment on Saturday morning. Mind you, this is a 3 or 4 bedroom unit. Wondering where everyone is sleeping but operating on the assumption that maybe they were having a sleepover?? I will say they have kept pretty quiet since I called about the loud music last weekend. It was apparently a graduation party. It started at 3 PM and by 11 PM I thought it was time to turn it down.

  • Martin sez: “Emtronics, I for one do not want the goverment running healthcare ”

    It’s good enough for our Congressmen and women and for the Senate. They get the best government run healthcare around. The Gov runs the military. Everyone seems to think the military is OK. Or are you just being selective like Fox?

    Paul, yes entitlements cost money and yes people live off the dole. Ask any high school senior that is pregnant. She fully expects the State to pick up the tab. It’s not the Government at fault as we all (well most) pay taxes and we like to see the money come back. I don’t expect the government to save my money but I do expect them to spend it on things I need, like police, defense, roads, etc etc. It is a bad situation when we as a society say; “Enough! You must simply work or die. People are always going to need help and there is always going to be people that are poor. The money to help these people is what, 1% of the defense budget? BTW, Have you read the healthcare bill that was passed? Or just parroting what’s on the talking heads on Fox?

  • BTW Paul, Obama’s healthcare plan is identical to what Mitt Romney passed in Massachusetts and it’s working there wonderfully. In fact it’s so good, it may cost Mitt any chance to run as a Republican. Talk about irony.

  • W. Hernandez

    Paul, maybe you should support historic preservation in the old ‘hoods so those rich liberals from chicago will buy their summer houses on Glen Oak & Madison and spend those big bucks they earned by the sweat of their PC in Peoria instead of Galena.

  • Paul Wilkinson

    I don’t watch Fox news, but thanks for assuming. I have not read the entire health care bill. I assure you few have. As much as you complain about Aaron, it was covered and analyzed. RE: Mitt Romney’s attempt at universal health care, it was not a success.
    “When the bill was signed, Governor Romney, the media, state lawmakers, and health care reform advocates hailed the mandate as achieving universal coverage. “All Massachusetts citizens will have health insurance. It’s a goal Democrats and Republicans share, and it has been achieved by a bipartisan effort,” Romney wrote.

    Before RomneyCare was enacted, estimates of the number of uninsured in Massachusetts ranged from 372,000 to 618,000. Under the new program, about 219,000 previously uninsured residents have signed up for insurance. Of these, 133,000 are receiving subsidized coverage, proving once again that people are all too happy to accept something “for free,” and let others pay the bill. That is in addition to 56,000 people who have been signed up for Medicaid. The bigger the subsidy, the faster people are signing up. Of the 133,000 people who have signed up for insurance since the plan was implemented, slightly more than half have received totally free coverage.

    It’s important to note that the subsidies in Massachusetts are extensive and reach well into the middle class-available on a sliding scale to those with incomes up to 300 percent of the federal poverty level. That means subsidies would be available for those with incomes ranging from $30,480 for a single individual to as much as $130,389 for a married couple with seven children. A typical married couple with two children would qualify for a subsidy if their income were below $63,000.”

    “The Massachusetts plan might not have achieved universal coverage, but it has cost taxpayers a great deal of money. Originally, the plan was projected to cost $1.8 billion this year. Now it is expected to exceed those estimates by $150 million. Over the next 10 years, projections suggest that Romney- Care will cost about $2 billion more than was budgeted. And the cost to Massachusetts taxpayers could be even higher because new federal rules could deprive the state of $100 million per year in Medicaid money that the state planned to use to help finance the program.

    Given that the state is already facing a projected budget deficit this year, the pressure to raise taxes, cut reimbursements to health care providers, or cap insurance premiums will likely be intense. Moreover, the cost of the plan is also likely to continue rising, because the Massachusetts reform has failed to hold down the cost of health care. ”
    “No one can deny that the U.S. health care system needs reform. Too many Americans lack health insurance and/or are unable to afford the best care. More must be done to lower health care costs and increase access to care. Both patients and providers need better and more useful information. The system is riddled with waste, and quality of care is uneven. Government health care programs like Medicare and Medicaid threaten future generations with an enormous burden of debt and taxes. Given these pressures, the temptation for a quick fix is understandable.

    But, as Massachusetts has shown us, mandating insurance, restricting individual choice, expanding subsidies, and increasing government control isn’t going to solve those problems. A mandate imposes a substantial cost in terms of individual choice but is almost certainly unenforceable and will not achieve its goal of universal coverage. Subsidies may increase coverage, but will almost always cost more than projected and will impose substantial costs on taxpayers. Increased regulations will drive up costs and limit consumer choice.

    The answer to controlling health care costs and increasing access to care lies with giving consumers more control over their health care spending while increasing competition in the health care marketplace- not in mandates, subsidies, and regulation. That is the lesson we should be drawing from the failure of RomneyCare.”

    this last paragraph supports the other health care plans offered by then the minority in Congress. Romney did pass “universal health care”, more along the lines of what Hillary Clinton would have presented rather than the Obamacare, but for the sake of arguement let’s say they are highly similiar. Unlike Obamacare, it was passed in an open and bipartisian manner, with some sincere effort on the part of the Mass. Legislature and the gov. to make an impact. Obamacare was rammed through with no bipartisan involvement at the last minute after many of those people had been voted out of office….much like Illinois recent efforts. So why didn’t the Dems take a good long look at a working model before them? Why didn’t they include the Repubs? Something might have been crafted that is feasible and afforable. Realistically, we simply cannot afford to pay for what some people want to be “free” because it is not free. What was proposed and never made it to the floor, was torte reform, allowing small businesses to buy policies together as if they were one larger company (this reduces cost per person) opening up the markets across states, meaning, we could buy health insurance from a company in Alaska if we so choose due to the price (competition spears better pricing…look at our ridiculous monopolized cable bills in Peoria) and so one. I do not believe that one bill, fix all can possibly account for the needs of Health care reform. Various aspects need to be addressed one at time. ramifications from one law will effect the entire system. It needs to be done in stages.

    Finally, as to the Senior getting pregnant, you’re right the expectation is that we the tax payers pick up and for the next baby and the next baby and the next baby so whoo hoo, let’s party and live it up, after all it’s on someone else’s dime. I might guess that if there were any payment required, it might induce a little more planning and responsibility in one’s life to stop those choices. I don’t get to live and do exactly as I please because I have to bear the cost of my choices, Am I so special that this only applies to me?

  • Paul Wilkinson

    sorry, the quotations come from an analysis of the Mass. Health Care plan done my Michael Tanner, director of the health and welfare studies at the Cato Institute.

  • Paul Wilkinson

    Are corruptive and unethical practices so common in Illinois that I am the only living soul that thinks it’s a conflict of interest to vote for a rigged map and announce your election for the district you now fall under? I saw this on Billy’s blog and then PJstar….wow I am convinced that Illinois will alway the most corrupt state of the nation.

  • mazr

    Doesn’t most politics equal some sort of conflict of interest?

  • […] What do Peoria and Rockford have in common? (Peoria Chronicle) A: They’re both largely in the 17th Congressional District, according to the latest […]

  • […] What do Peoria and Rockford have in common? (Peoria Chronicle) A: They’re both largely in the 17th Congressional District, according to the latest […]