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Councilman Irving charged with three felony counts

Here’s what we know so far:

[From the Journal Star:]

Peoria 5th District City Councilman Dan Irving was charged Thursday with patronizing a prostitute, a felony that could send him to prison for up to three years.

Irving, 43, of 10708 Alex Drive faces three felony counts accusing him of engaging in sexual activity with an 18-year-old whose alias is Jazzie Summers, “a person not his spouse, for money or anything of value.” […]

A $5,000 arrest warrant was issued for the felony counts and a $2,500 warrant was issued for the petition to revoke Irving’s probation. In all, he must post $750 to get out of jail plus any fee imposed by the sheriff.

[From WEEK-TV 25:]

We have learned the councilman will be in jail as early as tonight.

The Peoria County Sheriff’s Office began conducting an investigation into the councilman last week.

Each felony count carries a possible sentence of probation to three years in prison.

If convicted of any felony charge, Irving would be automatically removed from the Peoria City Council.

Irving is the 5th District council representative. He was elected in April 2009 with 80% of the vote against Gloria Cassel-Fitzgerald. His term expires in 2013, or when he resigns, or if/when he’s convicted of a felony, whichever comes first.

I wonder if his mugshot will appear on the City’s Prostitution and Related Offenses page, where they post the mugshots of those accused of prostitution and solicitation with a disclaimer that says, “The following individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.” It will be interesting to see if any favoritism is shown.

39 comments to Councilman Irving charged with three felony counts

  • Dennis in Peoria

    News just now breaking on WEEK..Councliman Dan Irving arresting for soliciting a prostitute..expected to be in jail tonight.

    How did he vote on the Marriot project, by the way?

  • Tony

    His Summer hasn’t been to Jazzie has it!

  • District 150 observer

    Dan Irving—that is Gary Sandburg territory!

  • Note: the above four comments originally appeared on another post as I didn’t have a story up yet about this event. I moved them here to keep the comments on-topic.

  • Gary Sandberg

    District 150 Obsurver, Cluarly you aru not only an obsurvur for 150 but no doubt nuvur luarned anything thure uithur. The SPELLING is SandbErg. And for the record, I gave a woman a ride to her house so she could check on her children while I picked up a pizza to take back to work……….. When the police stopped my vehicle driving down the street and making a turn onto Adams, they saw the pizza,I told them what I had done and was doing, returmning her to the bar where she was drinking and asked for the ride and then armed with my pizza I was going back to work………… Only later under the Keith Rippy, “bend over I am the Chief” Adminsitration and with the total consent of Mayor McGoof, did the Peoria Police trail me for several weeks did the whole situation even come to the surface. As “well loved” as i am within Law Enforcement circles, rest assured, if there was a shred of truth to my involvement with a prostitute, I would have been charged and proscecuted to the fullest extent of the law by Rippy’s buddie, “here cums the Judge” . Was the woman a prositute????????, Only you in your infinate wisdom and academic credentials would know……… I dont even know if she had children and there was NO tatoo on her forehead with her vocation or avocation. I am sure IF you are married or ever were married, YOUR HUSBAND could verify all the prostitutes in town because I cant imagine in my wildest fantasies sleeping with someone as obsUrvant and intUlligUnt as yousUlf.

    Your stupidity and inattUntivUnUss to dUtail is undUrmining the Peblic Udecation SystUm.

  • Wondering

    Why do they immediately have a mug shot up of Dan Irving, but they never had a mug shot of Mary Davis, indicted on 16 felony counts for stealing from children? Can someone please explain this to me? I know some attorneys visit this forum. Would love an explanation of that fact. Is she one of the “chosen”? Is it because she is gay? Is it because she is female? Did she pay someone? What is it? Why would one person have a mug shot splashed all over the media and another not?

  • The mug shot of Irving is from a previous arrest. Says a lot about council members. So, has Mary Davis been arrested before? Has she ever been arrested to even have a mug shot or just charged with crimes? Maybe because Davis hasn’t been arrested is why. So, how is that case going?

  • Lyons

    leaving probably means the case never sees a court room. Especially since McArdles suit was found to be baseless. Makes it easy for Lyons to do his Roseanne Rosannadana – “Never mind”.

  • checking for details

    Rep=felony charges for ordering a hooker.
    Dem= no felony charges for drunkenly poking a police officer.

  • Point

    @ “Lyons” – McArdles civil case has (or should not have) absolutely no impact on the criminal case against Mary Davis.

  • Dennis in Peoria

    While Mr. Irving is still considered innocent until proven guilty: if he does end up resigning, should the council appoint Gloria Fitzgerald, who ran against Irving in last election? You would think they would appoint Ms. Fitzgerald; however, there are probably too many other money/power folks in the 5th district that would get it before her, unfortunately.

    What they should do, if allowed, is appoint Chuck Weaver to that district seat, and appoint someone else from 1st or 3rd district to Weaver’s At-Large Seat. Just a thought.

  • conrad stinnett

    It is too early to speculate on such things, but I’d support George Jacob for an Irving replacement. Even in his current “getting better” condition, he’d still do the job better than most other contenders.

  • AnneC

    Serious question here: What does happen if Irving resigns/is tossed out? Is someone appointed? By whom? Or is there a special election?

  • Anon E. Mouse

    I don’t know why Weaver would accept such a move, Dennis. That would move him to “re-election” two years sooner.

  • AnneC — The mayor would appoint a qualified person with the consent of the Council, the same way George Jacob was appointed after Ardis vacated his council seat when he became mayor.

  • Mamma Hen

    Hell has no fury like a scorned woman…

  • Dennis in Peoria

    Point taken, Anon E. Mouse. I was just wondering if the Council has
    too many folks on it that live in the 5th District now.

  • WTF

    wow…think of the affect this will have on his daughter…

  • WilliamMoss

    Gary, you crack me up. No need for insults here, even if someone takes a swipe at you. Time to grow up, Pardner. This is why you’ll never have a political career beyond the 4,000 at-large votes you periodically receive (in a city of 120,000) that lands you an at-large seat and gives you a bully pulpit on the City Council.

  • EmergePeoria

    What did you say about a woman scorned Mama Hen?

    Sheriff McCoy’s ex-wife arrested for keying his county-owned vehicle

    The ex-wife of Peoria County Sheriff Mike McCoy has been arrested for allegedly damaging his county-owned vehicle while it was parked in Peoria restaurant parking lot.

    Sherianne McCoy was arrested for criminal damage to property between $300 and $10,000 but has not yet been formally charged by the Peoria County State’s Attorney’s Office.

    A detective with the Peoria Police Department was assigned to investigate after the sheriff reported the damage, though it wasn’t immediately clear when or where the damage occurred.

    Apparently she carved several choice words into his Chevy Tahoe. She knows she too old for that kind of nonsense.

  • Mamma Hen

    Like i said, Hell has no fury like a scorned woman, I heard about the Sheriff wife on the news. Could it be the heat is the blame…. Hell called, they want their weather back..

  • Chase Ingersoll

    What do you want him (Gary) to do Mr Moss, grow up and like become a Congressman like the one who is currently on the cover of Men’s health and who voted for the Boehner (how stupid do you think we are) bill?

  • Got to agree with Chase on this one. Personally, I wish Aaron all the luck with his modeling career, just as he gets out of politics and let’s someone in the job that actually wants to think for himself or herself, instead of being another cog in the LaHood machine.

  • SD

    In my way of thinking Irving should have been gracious enough to resign when he got in trouble for jamming his wife’s leg in the door of her shop. That was a signal to him and to us that he was an embarrassment to the city. And now this new charge, whether totally true or not, does call for him to step up and resign just for the sake of the decency of the city. We do not need people on the council that have problems like these to be trying to lead us. There are plenty of decent, law abiding citizens that could and would take his place and never have a blemish on their record and therefore nothing to lay shadows on the council and the COP.

  • Curious

    Do Kirk, Durbin, Koehler, and Gordon all think for themselves or do they all just follow the party line as well. Fitzgerald thought for himself and couldn’t get party support to be re-elected.

  • Big Bad Wolf

    While PJS doesn’t say who dropped the dime on him, the person had access to his banking records, phone records, and computer. Hypothetically speaking, if someone, say maybe a wife, is alert to look for such evidence on a husband, you gotta know that it would have been far from the first time said husband would have pulled such a boneheaded stunt. This serves as a lesson to all. Never pay for such services with a check, use disposible cell phones, delete your browsing history, don’t be a total ass to your spouse, and, finally, don’t run for public office if you aren’t bright enough to observe all of the before mentioned lessons.

  • Chase Ingersoll

    Curious makes a valid point.

  • Leslie Smith

    @SD – What about innocent until proven guilty? You even say “And now this new charge, whether totally true or not”. We don’t know what the true is yet but you think someone who has simply been accused should step down? Now if he knows he’s guilty then by all means he should do the right thing and resign. However, just because someone is accused should not be an embarrassment or reason to leave. I’ve been “accused” before of being a thief. I knew I wasn’t and it turned out to be the relative of one my accusers ironically. I was forced out because I wouldn’t do the right thing and leave. I didn’t find out about the real culprit until later.

  • I guess this “proclivity” explains the domestic battery as well…

    So… what? Another politician caught. Wow. Headline news.

    Hey Gary, Any interest in being IN The Gridiron next year??? Have I got an idea for a skit.

    btw… anyone else a little disturbed by the definition of the statutory offense?
    “a person not his spouse, for money or anything of value.”

  • Mr Moss… nothing like admitting you are a cracked pot.
    1 Chuck Weaver 14,784.5839 24.95%
    2 ? Ryan M. Spain 10,071.9164 17.00%
    3 ? Gary Sandberg 8,390.0000 14.16%
    4 ? W. Eric Turner 6,911.3335 11.67%
    5 Beth Akeson 6,040.0832 10.20%
    6 Charles V. Grayeb 5,559.3335 9.38%
    7 Jim Stowell 2,402.7500 4.06%
    8 André Williams 2,261.2499 3.82%
    9 Christopher (C.J.) Summers 1,812.4167 3.06%
    10 George Azouri 1,011.3333 1.71%

  • checking for details.

    I am guessing those are bullet vote numbers, I don’t believe that an analysis has been done on the actual number of people who voted for these candidates.

  • Stephen Scanlan-Yerly

    Bravo Gary nothing like showing everyone how classy the people that run Peoria can be…

  • Hey… what do expect when they represent the classy people of Peoria?

  • One Who Knows

    Dan Irving will NEVER step down from his Council position because he will NEVER admit to doing anything wrong and will exclude from his mind all the public evidence! Remember, he thinks he is beyond reproach.. How about the comment in the paper today where he said “the people responsible for “false” allegations never thought of the impact on his kids!” DAHHH..Did Dan Irving think of the Irving children or his wife when he contacted Jazzy? Dan Irving only thinks of Dan Irving… He’s ready to move on with his life..wonder what’s next?

  • checking for details.

    Sorry, but wasn’t Dan’s wife engaged to be married to someone else just days after the ink was signed onto the divorce papers? That seems fishy.

  • One Who Knows

    yeah guess you’re right..(checking for details) that’s what you need to do! Dan’s ex wife is NOT even remarried..She is happily living with her 2 girls..

  • checking for details.

    Didn’t say she was remarried, said she was engaged to be married. look up the PJstar archives, then perhaps you will then be one who knows.