August 2011
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  • Sharon Crews: Your voice is definitely needed in this community. Thanks for all your insights.
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Writer’s Block

I haven’t had any interest in writing lately. My guess is that it’s just writer’s block, and will pass eventually.

30 comments to Writer’s Block

  • Welcome to the club. Don’t worry, it comes back.

  • Peo Proud

    If only they had a little blue pill for writer’s block.

    Looking forward to your return, but write when you have something to say and not just to fill the space with tripe and fluff – like some other bloggers. What makes coming to this site worth-while is knowing that whatever the topic posted, it will be worth the read.

  • It has only been 3 days since your last post…don’t be so hard on yourself.

  • Pat Lewis

    C J, take a long walk through Springdale; it can be inspiring.

  • mortified

    head in the clouds- all true!

    And one more tidbit..dr lathan was patting herself on the back so hard that she almost broke her arm.

  • Mamma Hen

    You just need to rest your mind from all the very sad news in Peoria, you will alright soon, we miss you..

  • Just commenting

    Well I wish some bloggers would get a writers block but you are definately not one of them. Write when ya can and we’ll leave the light on for you.

  • EB Voice

    Actually, you havn’t been any good since you lost that election!

  • Sharon Crews

    District Watch will be meeting as usual at Monical’s on Lake and Knoxville at 6 p.m. on Sunday, August 22, 2011. All are welcome.

  • checking for details

    break away, grab some r&r and see hit it when/if your passion rekindles.

  • David P. Jordan

    CJ, Maybe you should comment on the recent article about East Peoria’s involvement in possible future Amtrak service?

  • Paul O'Donnell

    I hope the city didn’t build the block; only the developers will benefit from that.

  • pdman

    Why don’t you talk about something positive. That may get you going again. A topic that could generate lots of interest would be how to create jobs and fix our economy. Since Mr. Widmer has a long resume of business creation, maybe he could help come up with some ideas. Then you could share it with Mr. Quinn, our governor, who has no clue what he doing, as well as, the rest of our legislature.

  • I’m positive that the city council will undoubtedly do something stupid on Tuesday which will get you going again……..

  • Sharon Crews

    pdman, those of us who criticize District 150 are often told the same thing–send positive messages, etc. The city and District 150 both have public relations departments that send out all the positive interpretations of their actions. It is up to the press (of which C.J. is one as a very knowledgeable and thoughtful blogger) to look at the other side of issues. Since the official messages are always positive, it stands to reason that a closer look might be negative.

  • Needs Advice

    Need to get official transcripts from D150. Dropped off request Aug. 2nd. As of Aug. 18th, have been given the names of four different people who are responsible for fulfilling the request, as well as a boat-load of excuses as to why it has not been done. Should I FOIA, hire an attorney, or just let my kids not graduate on time because they were placed in classes for which they will receive no credit due to lack of official transcripts? (Sorry that I don’t have something more positive to contribute.)

  • Curious

    Dear Needs Advice,

    Have you gone to the high school? It used to be that the secretary of the high school could make a copy of your transcript. I think that there is probably a form that you have to fill out and a fee to be paid. I don’t know if secretaries were back in the buildings on August 2 but they should be there now; however, I would imagine that it would be very busy this first week of school. Good luck!!

  • Needs Advice

    Yes. Copies and faxes are not “official”. No form. No fee. One secretary. Four scapegoats. Many excuses. Some finger-pointing. 18 days and counting. POSITIVE OUR MOVE OUT OF D150 IS A MOVE IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. Good luck to parents who think their involvement is “enough” to make a difference (sincerely, we believed it for 11 years). You would have more success moving a mountain.

    Can I FOIA “Official Transcripts”? because right now my child is registered for a class she took two years ago because someone at D150 refuses to do their job. Her senior year, someone will come to us and say she can’t graduate because she doesn’t have the credits required because they didn’t have the info to place her appropriately. Did I hear that D150 is one of the best in the nation?? hehe. Can I get at witness?

  • Needs Advice

    I mean, “Can I get a witness (as in ‘one’)? Please do share.

  • Needs Advice

    This is humorous because board members read this and think parents are too stupid to understand the policy they never bothered to read. he he.

  • Sharon Crews

    Needs Advice: I don’t think it’s true any more, but it used to be that transcripts weren’t released if fees were owed. Just curious, which high school? I can’t think of any good excuse as to why you can’t get a transcript.

  • Needs Advice

    No fees owed. Zero account balance. No late fees. Tick tock. 30 days. No need to offically withdraw students. Your student is still offically active. I’m not obligated to fulfill your request for 30 days. Your student has 5 days to transfer to another class. he he. R U laughing??

  • Mahkno

    I have a hard time believing a receiving school would be so difficult as to not accept a photocopy or a fax or even a stack of grade reports. A university might be difficult that way but a high school? How do home schooled families do it? There are no form transcripts. Sounds like the new school is being just as difficult.

  • Needs Advice

    Do you know the difference between offical and official?? If so, please apply.

  • Sharon Crews

    I think the new school needs to see a transcript in order to enroll or not to enroll students in classes. I am sure that was true at Manual–nobody takes a parent’s word or unofficial records as proof that a student has taken and/or passed a class, etc. There is no excuse for District 150’s unwillingness or inability to meet this request. However, I believe that problems abound. Needs Advice, I assume you are unable to go in person to demand action. A physical body might be more difficult to ignore. 🙂

  • Curious

    Dear Needs Advice,

    Hmmm. Do you need a transcript or the student file for your child. I would think that the new school should be able to use a copy of a transcript–which if it is sealed should be considered to be official–in order to register your child for the appropriate classes. I know that District 150 schools have also had to wait for too long of periods of time to receive student files from other schools. It must be very frustrating to you as a parent. I am sorry that it is so complicated for you to do right by your child. Thank you for your perseverance.

  • Needs Advice

    The difference between our new school district and our old school district is night and day. That’s why we left.

  • Needs Advice

    Sharon–I agree with you about making the request in person. That’s why I went in personally Aug. 2nd. Now, I’m with my kids at their new school and unable to be in Peoria during regular business hours. You wouldn’t believe how ridiculous this experience has been, even though the simplicity was explained by our new principal. Meantime, my kids are the ones who will suffer from the incompetence.

  • Sharon Crews

    Needs Advice. since I don’t know what school, I can’t guess why this is happening to you. However, the leadership at so many schools has been changed with little or no training about the little day to day operations. And, I don’t find anything you say hard to believe. I have heard all kinds of stories where “the customer is not respected.” However, that theme of respecting the customer is spouted often from the horseshoe at board meetings.

  • tommy

    I gotta say it and I apologize in advance, CJ.

    District 150 board, DR GRENITA LATHAN and her con artist friends are full of horse shit! They are taking the Peoria taxpayers to the poor house.