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Stupid things that have come out of Billy Dennis’s blog

If you haven’t noticed, Billy Dennis has been on a crusade against Rush Limbaugh. Lately he’s taken to putting up post after post after post of “stupid” Rush Limbaugh quotes–about one an hour. I thought, just for fun, we’d turn the tables and see if there are any “stupid” Billy Dennis quotes we could find. It just so happens there are a few:

“Yes, you can ask 100 mothers, and 99 percent of them would be APPALLED that a 20-year-old female babysitter bought alcohol for a 14-year-old boy and seduced him. The percentage of 14-year-old boys who feel the same way? Eh, not so much. Anyway, she’s been charged with a crime because mother[s] vote.”

—Billy Dennis, arguing that statutory rape is not so bad for boys, August 4, 2011

“There’s a movement afoot to deny pediatric care to children who’s [sic] parents choose not to immunize them. Good. Failure to immunize is bad for individual kids. If enough children in any one area do not immunize, it can be wildly fatal. So, if you commit an anti-social act of failing to immunize your kids, you should be denied the benefits of society.”

—Billy Dennis, from a post titled “Let Them Die” supporting death and the denial of medical care for children because their parents didn’t immunize them, August 4, 2011

“Putting a committed environmental activist on any landfill committee makes about as much sense as putting members of the Flat Earth Society on a committee that designs spaceships.”

—Billy Dennis, calling environmentalists ignorant and impediments to landfill oversight, December 21, 2009

“Folks, the last thing that District 150 needs is for every chronically truant kid to suddenly start putting in time in school, draining time, energy and resources away from kids who want to learn. …[I]f someone is determined to remain an uneducated serf, let ‘em. Plenty of dropouts means a large pool of cheap labor, so maybe it won’t cost so much to have someone pump my gas or flip burgers at my favorite fast-food restaurant.”

—Billy Dennis, opposing enforcement of truancy laws and encouraging exploitation of the uneducated, July 15, 2004

“I have a suggestion for someone who cannot abide humor based on sex: Stay home. Turn off your television. Hide under your bed. You will be safe there.”

—Billy Dennis, defending sexual harassment by former deputy director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, July 15, 2004

These are all quotes from the man who wants to see another pundit taken off the air for making stupid and insensitive remarks. See, Billy employs mockery and scorn in his writing often because, he says, it’s “fun” and “effective writing” that gets his point across and causes more people to pay attention. But when a radio host does the same thing, Billy is incensed. Ironic, huh?

In looking back over Billy’s posts, I was most struck by all the offensive free speech he’s actually defended over the years. There was Ted Rall’s racist editorial cartoon where he called Condoleeza Rice the n-word. Billy’s response: Ignore him. Then there was shock-jock Howard Stern’s regularly offensive content. Billy’s response: “Leave content alone. No one is being forced to listen to Stern. Radios and televisions have off buttons, people.” There are more examples which all follow the same reasoning. So it’s no small departure for Billy to be doing what he’s doing now: Leading a campaign to boycott Rush’s local advertisers and try to get WMBD-AM to take him off the air because of something stupid Rush said.

It makes one wonder, why now? Why this? What is it about Limbaugh’s offensive content that is so much more egregious than Rall’s or Stern’s (or his own)? Why does he defend keeping all other offensive content on the air and in print but seek to silence Limbaugh? It’s a glaring inconsistency.

My guess is he’s just doing it for hits on his website, which brings in more advertising revenue. And you know what that makes him? Well, I’d better not say…. 😉Художник

16 comments to Stupid things that have come out of Billy Dennis’s blog

  • I think the “glaring inconsistency” is because of his stroke. It CAN change one’s personality, you know. Or it’s for hits. Who knows? Or cares.

  • Peo Proud

    Bravo —

    Glad to see you poking your head out of your sabbatical when a few issues arise that demand rational thought and discussion. Since you left, the Peoria blogosphere has become like most of the internet — pictures of scantily-clad pictures and moronic self-aggrandizing polemics. Way to take him to task – though he’s dismiss your view out-of-hand because, we all know you’re looking at things from a religious-tainted framework and therefore, your belief in something beyond yourself means you’re incapable of logical thought (his belief not mine).

    Pammy – I’d give him a pass if it were stroke-related, but I think we’re seeing nothing more than his attempt at gaining back some recognition and prominence that he lost due the continual decline in the level of discourse he puts forth.

  • lanestar7

    I quit checking his blog a loooong time ago, put off by those constant and ridiculous “eye candy” posts that have no value at all and are just pics copied from elsewhere on the internet. Like horny men who can’t get a woman aren’t able to find those pics on their own and are coming to a blog about Peoria to see them! Then picks up his stupid posts and now his “eye candy” crap is all over their site! I can’t get away from him and I am thrilled to see you call him to task for other idiocy that is on that blog. His begging for money like a panhandler is so embarrasssing and I don’t know who is donating but I really wish they would give that money to an actual charity instead!

  • GOPer

    What lanestar said. Although I do agree with Billy about his post about parents that don’t properly immunize their children.

  • Bob

    He’s always been this way. He also said Peoria would be better off without Caterpillar. I knew then, he had gone off the deep end.
    The older he gets, the more bitter and the begging for money shows he had no shame.

  • Okay, quick show of hands. Is anyone who listens to Limbaugh not listening to Limbaugh due to Billy’s crusade? Or how about this one? Is anyone who didn’t listen to Limbaugh in the past listening to him now for the same reason?

    The fact of the matter is that Billy has shown himself to be exactly what Limbaugh is supposed to be: a loudmouth with a tainted opinion. He writes a blog. A blog is a tainted item, since it invariably relies on the opinion of the writer. And as we all know, we are entitled to our own opinion. It is the responsibility of the reader, not the writer, to discern the truth.

    My own opinion on Rush has been the topic of several comments of mine: He needs to retire from the business. Before the Clinton administration, I listened to Rush almost every day. His shows were diverse and covered a wide range of topics, and they were interesting. During the Clinton administration and after, the topic became “I hate Democrats!” and the show was and is devoted to why he hates Democrats. Well, I have to admit I haven’t listened to Rush for some time because that was what I was hearing. But since I don’t listen to him, I could care less who advertises on his show.

    In the end, I do believe Rush will survive. So will Billy, and so will you, C. J., even if the only reason you have to come out of your hiatus is to bash a fellow blogger.

  • I tend to agree with Fred. I listened to Limbaugh years ago before the hate Democrats theme took over his show. He was interesting. Now I simply find the channel or off switch.

  • W. Hernandez

    Fred, C.J.’s not bashing Billy, he’s pointing out who he is and what he is doing, which is being a deceptive lyer. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s important that people with intelligence and credibility expose to the moronic stupidity of others when the masses start to regard them as experts. My only complaint about this blog entry is that it took too long to get written.

  • Vonster

    Oh crap! I just realized the reason for all the outrage against Limbaugh combined with all the “eye candy” posts.

  • Anon E. Mouse

    What lanestar said (‘cept I never minded eye-candy).

  • Greatescape

    I hope Rush doesn’t survive, and generally agree with many of Billy’s political views. However, I have grown very weary of Billy’s “eye candy” posts. Juvenile & offensive. Guess his demographic is juvenile males. Good luck with that.

  • David P. Jordan

    “Putting a committed environmental activist on any landfill committee makes about as much sense as putting members of the Flat Earth Society on a committee that designs spaceships.”

    Actually, Billy makes a slot of sense on this one. Kind of the same idea as the fox in the hen house. 😀

  • I was all set to be outraged, then I remembers how many page views you racked up scouring my blog rounding up all those quotes.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Greatescape

    Oh yea Billy — “I remembers how many…. ” Really you remembers??! You clearly can’t be self-reflective & make changes to your blog. Too bad.

  • Changes? Why? It’s PERFECT just the way it is.

  • Heh. I found this post again. Classic. It’s my own fault really, for failing to mark those posts intended as sarcasm AS sarcasm. Because some folks are sarcasm impaired.