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New council candidate chooses puzzling platform

Dan Adler (1409 W Kingsway Dr.), a 31-year-old Caterpillar engineer has announced he’s going to run for the 5th District City Council seat next spring, according to the Journal Star. His campaign will focus on “economic growth, regional competitiveness and civic participation,” according to a press release. That’s all well and good. But then the story takes a turn toward the bizarre:

Adler said one development issue he wants to focus on is completion of the Kellar Branch Trail.

He said he thinks it’s important for public officials to raise the required capital needed to complete an underpass beneath Knoxville Avenue to get trail users across the busy street.

“There was a lot of excitement last year when it opened to the public,” Adler said. “But we haven’t locked down the capital funding for the big under and overpass. There is so much energy over that trail for Peoria to be more open and active and walkable, and we’re pushing that off.”

First of all, the Kellar Branch trail is the Peoria Park District’s responsibility to fund, construct, and maintain–not the City’s. Perhaps Mr. Adler should consider running for the park board if his interests lie in increasing funding for our parks system.

Secondly, the Peoria Park District announced five months ago that “the Knoxville underpass has been funded” and design is underway. In fact, they’re close to starting construction on it now. Mr. Adler is apparently unaware of these developments. (Or else he subscribes to Rep. Leitch’s funding-things-that-are-already-funded school of thought.)

If Mr. Adler is concerned about making Peoria more “open and active and walkable,” I would suggest he do some research on “complete streets.” Implementing this kind of design for Peoria’s infrastructure would make Peoria more accessible for all users of the public right-of-way. And it’s something that’s actually in the City’s jurisdiction, not the Park District’s.сондажи

9 comments to New council candidate chooses puzzling platform

  • Jim

    No chance. Although I guess I am just hoping that someone else will run against Irving in the 5th. This guy could win by default.

    And why wouldn’t the Journal Star writer or Garry Moore or someone ask him at minimum why he was concerned about a Peoria Park District project?

  • soothsayer

    Irving is a nice guy and has not always voted with the Mayor on everything, but his recent troubles have made him vunerable in the next election. I am also glad to see Grayeb stepping up to run in the 2nd. I hope he solidly tromps BVA.

  • Hilarious! I wish him the best of luck, but he needs to a little homework.

  • mazr

    I can think of no other issue in the city of Peoria that needs to be addressed more than the completion of a bike trail. He’ll fit in nicely around the horseshoe.

  • But, but, a finished bike trail would have kept Junction City’s 309 restaurant from closing. 😀

  • The Mouse

    This guy’s obviously had a big glass of the PPD’s kool aid. Poor fellow.
    He might even believe David’s post is serious.

  • Lisa

    Apparently you all have never been quoted in a newspaper, so you have no idea how easily and frequently your well-composed thoughts can be transmitted as incomplete gibberish in the press. And maybe you don’t realize that the local paper has made massive cuts in its reporting staff, so that journalists have to cover stories on which they have little or no background or understanding — like a sports writer covering the municipal landfill expansion (true story). Here is a link to Mr. Adler’s website. As you can see he has a lot of thoughts on a lot of topics, not just the trail:

  • Karrie E. Alms


    No, your assumption is incorrect … some of us have been quoted a number of times in the newspaper, television and/or radio and are well aware of the press.

    Nevertheless, if no one attempts to correct the false/misinformation … then the candidate or issue suffers.

    Thanks to CJ for making his post and thanks to you for providing a link to get a more rounded picture on the issues.

  • Karrie E. Alms

    P.S. When Mr. Adler has a link from his website to the PJStar article … is that his endorsement of the PJStar’s coverage of his platform?

    No amount of economic development, trails, engagement et al, even my favorite transparency and process themes will help Peoria to reach its potential unless we curb the violence and crime. We have to acknowledge the elephant in the room and actually do something about it or nothing substantial will change … only the window dressing.