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No, I’m not running this time

I’ve had several people ask me if I’ll be running for the second district Peoria City Council seat in 2013. The answer is no. I’d once again like to thank all of those who supported me the last time I ran. I may consider another run in the future. But after evaluating my obligations at home and work, I believe this just isn’t the right time for me.

So far, in the second district, Chuck Grayeb has announced he’s running and incumbent Barbara Van Auken hasn’t said one way or the other if she’s running. Assuming she does run, and assuming no one else enters the race, I’ll be supporting Grayeb. If you’ve followed my blog from the beginning when Grayeb was still on the council as an at-large representative, you know that I don’t see eye-to-eye with him. But there’s no doubt in my mind that he would be a better representative of the second district than the incumbent. Van Auken has been instrumental in dismantling the Historic Preservation efforts of the city and eviscerating the Heart of Peoria Plan in principle and in practice. She has been complicit in squandering our tax money and public resources on baubles and trinkets. Crime around Bradley University has increased, and the Bradley top brass has responded by increasing patrols by Bradley police officers; yet I’ve heard nothing and seen no action from our city council representative on the matter.

Grayeb came in sixth, very close behind the fifth-place finisher in the at-large election. He’s been on the council before and obviously has a great deal of support. He’s susceptible to being suckered into bad deals for city taxpayers (e.g., he voted for MidTown Plaza), so we’ll have to hold his feet to the fire on those things. But no one can doubt his commitment to public safety and historic preservation. Grayeb is by far the better candidate in the second district at this time.

8 comments to No, I’m not running this time

  • BucketHead

    Depressing news about you this time, however I hope you have the time and favorable circumstances next time!

  • Relieved

    That’s a relief. I would have been really conflicted on who to support because I think the world of both CJ and Chuck Grayeb. Might have had to sit that one out. Whoosh.

  • conrad stinnett

    If BVA had her way, the West Bluff would be in the 1st district today. She stopped working for us a long time ago, in favor of various special interests. She has had her chance and her district has suffered. Time for her to go.

  • checking for details

    BVA did announce her run for re-election. Given that she treats the media about like she treats staff and the residents of the 2nd district, it didn’t get much press. Chuck will need a great deal of supprt. BVA plays dirty. And apparantly the fireman like her rubbing up against them like a cat in heat and has their support. Prepare for Ardis and Spain to back her fully as they can ignore her ridiculous behavior in leiu of her yes vote. She did sell out the West Bluff, but she will begin pouring money and make promises to them again and they will once again sing her praises. Her main concentration will be the area between University and Knoxville, Forrest Hill to War Drive. She has already purchased votes there in the at large elections when the retirement home wanted to locate there. She could have killed it before going to the council, but Spain had just been chastised by PJstar for all his votes for developers and they set up an opportunity for him to vote no against one (note: this was the ONLY no vote against a developer). Those residents fell all over themselves believing that they won this great victory, but they had been used and still fail to see it. Last district election, she threatened Buehller home that their expansion would not go through if they didn’t support her.

  • soothsayer

    BVA will fight dirty to get reelected, but she will have to work. She’s not going up against a greenhorn challenger this time, but an experienced, and generally well-respected, veteran who has considerable support. West Bluffers are now wise to her antics and will not support her. Most West Bluff leaders, aside from a few blind fools, know they have been burned by her and are done with her. Grayeb is not perfect, but his commitment to public safety and historic preservation is heads and hands above that of BVA. I agree that it is time for BVA to go!

  • T.

    What am I supposed to do with all these signs from the last election? They wont do well in the compost bin. Ha! Maybe I can use them in 2 years.

    I sincerely hope the 2nd district residents have seen through Van Auken’s veil and have seen what kind of monster she really is. I’m really shocked Pat Sullivan accepted her endorsement. More proof of his lack of experience in politcs. I want that guy to run for 1st district councilman. He could do a lot more good on the horseshoe than in Springfield.

  • mortified

    GO GRAYEB!!!!!!

  • Sharon Crews

    If I could vote, I would vote for Grayeb, too.