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Council hopefuls begin filing petitions

Monday was the first day mayoral and city council candidates could file to have their names placed on the ballot for the Feb. 26, 2013, primary election, and several candidates were there when the election commission doors opened.

Turning in nomination petitions for mayor was incumbent mayor Jim Ardis. He currently has no opponent since at-large councilman Chuck Weaver decided not to run.

In the first district, Denise Moore and Randall Emert, Sr. filed petitions. Incumbent Clyde Gulley is not running for reelection to the council, but he was at the election commission Monday morning; he will be running against incumbent Joseph Whalen for Township Supervisor. Whalen is running as a Republican, Gulley as a Democrat. (Council races are non-partisan.)

In the second district, incumbent council representative Barbara Van Auken filed her petitions. She will be opposed by former at-large councilman Chuck Grayeb, who also filed Monday morning.

In the third district, only incumbent Tim Riggenbach filed petitions.

In the fourth district, former city inspections department manager John Kunski filed. Incumbent Bill Spears has announced he will not be seeking reelection. I’ve heard that former at-large councilman Jim Montelongo will also be running in the fourth district, but he has not yet filed as of Tuesday morning, according to the list I received from the election commission.

In the fifth district, incumbent Dan Irving has filed. Two challengers have announced, but only one was there to file his petitions: Dan Adler.

City Clerk Beth Ball filed her petitions. This will be her first election. She finished the term of Mary Haynes upon her retirement. City Treasurer Patrick Nichting filed his petitions for reelection as well.

Candidates have until Nov. 26 to file.

10 comments to Council hopefuls begin filing petitions

  • soothsayer

    BVA has got to go!

  • Ranger Dace

    Just curious: do you find this online or do you physically head down to the election commission to read what’s been submitted?

  • Emert (me) filed MONDAY morning at 8:50am. FYI

  • Sorry, Randy–thought I had fixed that.

    Ranger: Via telephone.

  • Eye in the Sky

    Hope they ALL get FIRED THIS ROUND!!!!!

  • mazr

    Ardis runs unopposed. Disappointing. Wonder if he’ll run on a ” tough on crime” platform again.

  • Martin Palmer

    Wonder if he’ll run on a ” tough on crime” platform again -Ardis.
    Don’t shoot = Tough on crime platform. I look for ths program to go away just like all the other “solutions” that were used. Arson fires are a real and growing problem but the figures the city trott out may not reflect all fires.Eye, Peoria has a history of short memory and returns the same ole people. Real change in Peoria is a pipe dream.

  • checking for details

    the first of the tough crime measures falls through. SA. Brady made a big deal out of chargin the cop with the dui, now the first of the behind the scenes deals comes through on the other two officers involved….of course the chief is mad and the Mayor has not commented….gotta love the corruption in Illinois. Live long and prosper in city hall.

  • T.L.

    It looks like the historic preservationists won’t get an advocate from the 4th district. Montelongo has voted against them in the recent past and if Kunski had his way, every building with a couple paint chips or a missing roof shingle would get torn down. Hopefully it wont be another 4 years of worshiping developers & ignoring neighbors, but the cynic in me likes to take control this time of year.

  • vonster

    Happy Thanksgiving, CJ. May God’s blessings be on you and yours.