January 2018
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  • Karrie E. Alms: Amazing insight into the world of politics awaits any reader at pibgorn … from a Demon’s...
  • Tony: Homefield is Dynegy. Dynegy is Ameren. There Charging You twice for the same energy. Do you really thihk $.04...
  • SouthEnder: Also does anyone remember the Velvet Freeze located on Jefferson St, up the street from the Warner Homes....
  • Eric Pollitt: I flew economy class to Hong Kong for Christmas vacation, which is a 14 hour flight. When I got back...
  • Mike: Homefield has been sold to dynery. Google dynegy scandal to see who your new parent is. If this upsets you give...
  • mortified: Fun while it lasted. Godspeed!
  • aaron: your blogging will be missed but i know that your spirit of fairness will remain alive in your other...
  • Jon: CJ, your blog was a revelation and an inspiration. You have a wonderful talent that is an asset to the...
  • Billy Dennis: Of course the Chronicle is done: Screw you. The Chronicle is one of the best researched blogs...
  • Paul Wilkinson: CJ, am sorry you have ended your blog. It was well done. It seems many have given up as we keep...
  • Sharon Crews: Your voice is definitely needed in this community. Thanks for all your insights.
  • emergepeoria: Your blog is great resource to research Peoria issues. I hope you leave it up.
  • BucketHead: I was not suggesting that, I believe the both of you had very strong common sense and that lead to your...
  • C. J. Summers: Without anonymity, there is no courage among my detractors. Take a look back at the wide variety of...
  • Of course the Chronicle is done: Without Sandberg to give stores to the Chronicle there is no Chronicle.

Peoria Pundit responds to Mayor Ardis’s comments

A post worth reading: Ardis needs to use ‘midwestern common sense,’ not just talk about it from Peoria Pundit. Check it out.

Phone survey conducted Monday

On Monday around supper time, I received an automated phone survey that asked two questions:

“Do you consider yourself a Tea Party Patriot?” “Do you support Sarah Palin?”

Anyone else get this call?

Going rogue?

I wasn’t quite sure what the title of Sarah Palin’s new book meant, so I looked it up in the American Heritage Dictionary (via

rogue n.

An unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person; a scoundrel or rascal. One who is playfully mischievous; a scamp. A wandering beggar; a vagrant. A vicious and solitary […]

Biden wins debate; Palin does okay

Tonight was the big debate between vice presidential candidates Joe Biden (D) and Sarah Palin (R). Expectations were low for Palin because she’s looked pretty bad in recent television interviews — especially the one with Katie Couric. That worked to her benefit; she only had to do okay for her performance to be perceived […]